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Fushigi Yuugi Cosplay Photoshoot

I’ve often cosplayed series from when I was still a teen and referred to them as something from my ‘childhood’ (even though they technically aren’t). But this series is without a doubt, the one series that kickstarted everything. I remembered being introduced the manga when I was in secondary school by a schoolmate and first learned what comics for Teenage girls looked like. Ever since then, my hunger for Japanese Animanga have only grown. The strange thing though, is I've never ever cosplayed anything from this quintessential Shoujo Manga series. I've dreamt of doing it one day but without right partners who shared a common passion for a retro series that wasn't likely to make you the next viral Cosplay Queen/king, it was close to impossible. But one day, I met a pair of Miaka and Yui cosplayer (Hi TenTen and Ruriko!) at Cosfest and they unexpectedly proposed the idea of getting a group together. Their passion rubbed off on me and gave me the encouragement needed to pitch…

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